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free podcast advice

I spend a ton of time traveling, both in the air and driving (when can I please start sailing again?!) and most of the time I have my iPod on.  Only rarely am I listening to music, although I have a nice collection ranging from Eva Cassidy to the Rolling Stones, from James Taylor to…

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McCain – a PR case study

Public Relations is a mix of art and science and is a practice every professional needs to master, even if it’s just to market yourself. Today you’ll learn a lesson at the expense of Sen. John McCain, the presumptive Republican nominee for the office of President of the United States. It’s clear the flak that…

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Great Design & Great Site

Check out the new Collide site.  I liked the print version of the magazine and was ready not to be impressed with the web version, but it’s tremendous. My buddies Yuri and Travis at the Church Media Group did an incredible job on this site. (They also did a great job with a kiosk project…

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Take the PR Op

I was listening to NPR today on my weekly trip to Lowe’s, and the anchor did a phone interview with an aid worker named Joy who was in China for Mercy Corps. I produced a series of radio programs for them a million years ago and I highly respect their founder Dan O’Neill, so I…

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The Face of Christ

Today I was in a creative session with one of the largest Christian television ministries and we discussed the needs of the world, and what we should do to help.  Have you noticed what’s going on in the world right now? Untold thousands dead in Myanmar, and it’s going to get worse as disease spreads. China…

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Not quite a-twitter yet

I love technology, I’m not on the bloody edge of tech, but I’m usually an early adopter.  That being said, what’s up with Twitter?  I’m not sure if it’s cool or just weird.  (But that didn’t keep me from signing up!) I mean, I love Michael Buckingham, but I’m not sure I couldn’t live without…

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