Oral Roberts – his last television interview

I’ve had the privilage of working with many great men and women in the Christian world – Pat Robertson, Luis Palau, Kay Arthur, Rod Parsley, Leighton Ford, Joyce Meyer, Benny Hinn, Thomas Zimmerman… really, it’s a long list.   But I put Billy Graham and Oral Roberts in a completely different category, and I’m humbled to have worked with both of them.

Less than a month before the Lord called him home, I had the immense honor of producing what would be the final television interview with Oral Roberts.  We did it in the living room of his home in Newport Beach. This is not a room made for TV, it’s long and narrow.  One wall is all glass windows looking out on the golf course, the other wall is all mirrors – you who know television production are feeling my pain. We had a very limited time to set up the 3 cameras, lighting and sound.  Somehow we did it, and it looked good.

Rod Parsley did the interview, which was more of a conversation and a time of prayer.  Here were two men, friends, who both knew the anointing and power of God, from two generations, and both had the sense that this could be their last time together.  The atmosphere in the room was charged, and when Oral looked at the camera and said “something good is going to happen to you” – I believed it.  And later during prayer when he again looked up into the camera and said “be healed” – I knew people were being healed.

We can tell stories some other time… but today, as his funeral is taking place, I wanted to recall the man who told millions to “expect a miracle” – and who today is hearing his Savior say “well done”.

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