I’ll take the small camera, please.

My right shoulder has been proud to hold a wide array of cameras — first were the CP-16, Eclair ACL2 and Arri-BL film cameras, then the RCA TK-76 and Ike HL-79. Finally came the death of 3/4″ and a long series of better and better Sony Betacams. Then digibeta cameras and various DVCPro configurations. Now I use a Sony XD HD that makes pretty pictures but it has something in common with all of the other cameras I have traveled the world with:  they’re big.

Today I just worked to get a small high-def camera for an upcoming shoot. It’s amazing… low light capability, tape or flash drive recording, a real lens. Pop that baby on a carbon fiber tripod and slap a micro led light panel on the hot shoe; attach a mini wireless receiver and you’re set to make great broadcast TV and everything can fit in a carry on bag!  I love it!

My shoulder can still support the big cameras, but for all of my international and disaster stuff – give me the small camera, please.

Posted on November 19, 2008 in Uncategorized

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