Hey God… I’m Still Waiting

This week I interviewed Hilary, a beautiful college girl who was healed last Sunday during the communion segment of the morning service. She’d been in a car accident and had dislocated her shoulder, badly damaging the tendons. The trauma was not mitigated by therapy so she had surgery. Months later, she still had very limited motion and greatly reduced strength. She’s been praying and believing for healing since the accident. Same faith, same routine, same outcome — nothing. Until Sunday, when she was miraculously healed.

Why? Hillary’s not complaining, mind you. She’s exuberant. But why now? If God was going to heal her, why not just do it earlier so the scars on her shoulder from the surgery would not have been necessary? So the time spent in painful therapy could have been otherwise productive?

I have a friend who has been out of work for months. He is brilliant, creative, hard-working and full of integrity… but tired, discouraged, broke and desperate. He has faith, has believed, has prayed, fasted (and would sacrifice a bull if he thought it would help). I know God is going to bring him a great job, but why not now?

This post has no answers. Just questions and grasping to the hope that the same God who healed Hilary – when she didn’t expect it – will provide for Mark when he least expects it.

My dad lived by faith. I saw miracle after miracle the many years we spent together. He truly believed God would provide, and He always did. Dad often told me: God is never late… but He’s seldom early. It’s hard living by God’s timetable.

Posted on May 10, 2008 in Uncategorized

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