dang… the tv needs fixin’

I have no idea how the redneck title on this post came about.  Yeah, we lived in Tennessee for a spell, but never in a trailer… but I digress.

Kat (my marvelous, talented and beautiful bride) tells me that it’s a natural law – when I’m out of town, something breaks, and the further away or more out of touch I am… the greater the likelihood of something major going south. (I can’t recall what died while I was in the Guatemalan rainforest – but trust me… something broke.)

So on Friday I’m back home after a week on the road and the screen on the sliding door had fallen off the track (simple fix) and the TV had given up the ghost.  It did so in a most asthetically pleasing way, or so I was told. During the opening animation of Sleeper Cell there’s a flash, but this time it was much brighter with a very high pitched noise, mixed with that sweet burnt electronic smell.

Well, that’s good news and bad news.  Bad, because now we can’t watch anything on TV (unless we wanted to walk all the way downstairs to the rec room area – yeah, as if!) and good because hey, let’s be honest, if you’re going to buy a new TV you just have to go 1080p HD!  And of course, I need new 5.1 speakers, and…

Posted on March 9, 2009 in Uncategorized

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