Countdown Continues… one more day!

Well, there’s good news and bad news from Cape Town…

Bad news first: my first piece isn’t online yet. As a matter of fact, its not even edited yet. But the good news is that I have all day tomorrow (Sunday) to get it done, and an editor is ready for me at 9am.


This first piece was going to be the test to see if the system worked. Some things did work: the shooters did a great job – we got excellent footage; the voice over people are wonderful – nice non-American English, plus French, Spanish, German and Portugese (we’ll add more languages tomorrow); the audio editor is masterful and nice to work with; and everything else will work tomorrow!


My piece is scripted, I’ve found and shot b-roll, recorded the voice tracks, and ready for editing.  (I haven’t been dragging my feet!)


There’s a mounting sense of excitement here as participants from around the world – about 4500 from some 197 countries – begin arriving and see the preparations we’ve been working on to make this a truly world-class event. It all starts Sunday night with an incredible opening celebration that’s been rehearsing all day on stage.


The 1100 of us staff/volunteers know the countdown is on, and as I left tonight at 9pm, there were still many people still hard at work.


I have so much more to talk about in the coming days… the miracle of the HD television truck, the mind-numbing signal flow, the Chinese participant issue… so keep checking in every day. If you have questions, just ask! Pray for us, preparation is almost at an end; we’re now at the starting line.

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