Cape Town 2010 – success at last

My first story has just been uploaded and is ready to be downloaded from our ftp site to stations and networks across the country and around the world.  (woo hoo!)  For those of you who want to see it, but don’t have the ftp access, you can simply click here

DISCLAIMER:  This is not my best work, it’s not even my good work… but it’s done!

I truly thank you for praying. Several have emailed me and told me that they have been interceding – and I so greatly appreciate it.  In a moment of inspiration fueled by frustration, we have changed our working paradigm drastically.  Now we’re operating fairly independently, we’ve cut ourselves off from the network (kind of like in Matrix) and it’s working much better. The second story is being finished right now, and I’m writing the third. (but I took a break to update this blog)

More tomorrow!  Goodnight from Cape Town.


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