Cape Town 2010 – refreshment

Thursday was a day off for participants of Cape Town 2010, but many staff stayed on to use the time to finish up tasks that had fallen behind in the crazyness of the first few days.  I, however, took the opportunity to tour the peninsula with new friends: Clyde Taylor, Director of Visual Story Network and Cheryl Meredith, VP of Mission & Personnel for the Navigators. At the wheel was Graham Vermooten, Director of Media Village – the premier media training facility in the southern hemisphere.

Graham graciously toured us through this beautiful country, stopping to hike to the Cape of Good Hope, get up close to some African penguins, see a bunch of harbor seals and even get glimpses of 6 or 7 right whales.  After the best fish and chips I’ve enjoyed in recent memory, we got the director’s tour of the new Media Village campus.  A fabulous facility for training the next generation in the creative use of media for the kingdom of God.  Thank you Graham!

I could hardly move when I got back to the hotel, but my roomate, Stan Jeter (creator of CBN’s “Christian World News” and the Spanish language news program “Mundo Christiano” and board member of COICOM) thought dinner was in order. So we walked to the Victoria & Albert Waterfront and had a wonderful time in that beautiful setting. (Stan had steak and prawns and I had a wild berry crepe.)  A wonderfully refreshing day, albeit, one with much exercise!

Whilst I was out touring, the most recent video hit the htp site, and I share it with you now.  Just click here.  I think yesterday I explained it – a look at reconciliation in the South African context.  Sunday night is the closing ceremony — the days are flying by.


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