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The planners of The Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization knew there would be far ranging interest in the proceedings in Cape Town with people from around the world who could not attend. So, in addition to the 4,500+ participants here in the Cape Town International Convention Center, hundreds (about 650 or so) GlobaLink sites have been set up around the world so the local population can participate without traveling to South Africa.

Problem:  during the opening hours of the Congress, the three Lausanne websites were hit by a cyber attack consisting of millions of hits from without and viruses from within. This shut our network down to a trickle.  Fortunately, two cousins from Bangalore, India had come to Cape Town 2010 as volunteers.  They were doing mundane – but important – tasks such as installing computers and connecting laptops to the network.  When it became clear that the Congress network was under seige, they stepped forward to help.  Seems that one had a doctorate in computational biology (although he explained this to me, I still don’t understand what it is) and the other worked for a major international IT firm.  They had tackled such problems before.  It took them two hours to learn the network architecture and then about 30 minutes to stop the attack and firewall against futher malicious hits.  You’ll see on this piece – they have such a sweet servant’s spirit.

 If you’d like to see our GlobaLink report just click here to view it.


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