Cape Town 2010 – celebration and frustration

Praise God!  The opening session took place Sunday night with much celebration and fanfare. It was glorious to stand in the room watching the thousands of participants from 197 nations at that amazing moment in church history.

And yes, I got my first piece done… arrgh… such frustration.  Two days to do a 3 minute piece.  Amazing logistical and technological problems needed to be overcome.  But, that’s why I wanted to do a story early – to find the places that needed to be fixed.  It still hasn’t made it to the stations and television outlets – something about approvals – but I have done the first story in English, Spanish and French, and soon you can see it.

Today (Monday) started rough.  You can cut the frustration with a knife, the air is thick with it. Nothing is working.  The network keeps going down because it’s overloaded with every kind of media file you can imagine.  My language translators were sent away because they thought there was no work.  The managers who can fix these issues are pulled in a million directions. 

These seem to be technological and personnel issues, but really they are spiritual issues. Something great is going to happen here, and the enemy is trying to block it.  Please pray.

While you pray, go to to view some pieces of what’s going on here.  My buddy George Thomas from CBN is doing stories as well, here’s one:  and I’ll give you the link for my story, as soon as it goes up.

Thanks for your prayers.  I greatly appreciate the support.  You have no idea how much I appreciate it.  Thank you.

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