Anatomy of church

In a recent discussion with my resident curator of cultural conformity (my 16 year old daughter) (and yes, we do have discussions, where we both actually talk) we chatted about what she thought were the vital characteristics of a church that she would like to attend.  It all came down to two basic components: a head and a heart.

What’s important to her is a church that thinks about the issues that confront the world and its inhabitants and isn’t afraid of intellectual questioning and skepticism (that’s the head); and also has a genuine compassion (heart) for the world that expresses itself in service that is done simply to help those who need help (as opposed to service performed simply as a marketing ploy).

What parts of the anatomy is your church known for?  (I’m not talking about whacky hair, but for some people that defines one Christian broadcasting network.) Is it the mouth? We seem to be good at talking.  Is it the stomach — gorging on the bless me buffet?

Take an honest look in the full length mirror. It might be time for a makeover.

Posted on May 12, 2008 in Uncategorized

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