I don't shoot parties

Today, "filmmakers" are a dime a dozen... but I'm different.
I create films that move people and compel them to take action for causes that really matter

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I’m Joseph Sindorf, an international humanitarian filmmaker who has worked in more than seventy-three nations of the world. I’m normally found where people are at their worst — in the aftermath of tsunamis, earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes; surviving famine or drought; suffering intense injustice as slaves, trafficking victims or refugees.

You’re responsible for telling your own story,
and we can help you do it well.

— Joseph & Kathleen Sindorf —

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award-winning television professionals helping people who’re doing good work around the world


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With combined experience that spans more than six decades in over 73 nations we know how to use communication tools to solve problems and increase effectiveness.


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What our Clients say

  • Joe is an inspired producer and director.
    His professionalism and intelligence
    are an asset to all who work with him.

    — Aaron Cohen, Human Rights Activist —
  • Joe is one of the good guys…the talented guys. He makes production look easy.
    I appreciate his depth of knowledge on all aspects from equipment, dealing with people, understanding content,
    artistic excellence and smooth work flow.

    — Nancy Hanna, Forword TV —
  • Without a doubt,
    Joe is my “go-to” guy
    when I need a big time media project done right.

    — Eric Ticen, The Eastco Group
  • Joe’s great. A rare professional who is superbly creative but possessed with the sharp ability to keep a keen eye on the details.
    Fun to work with, professional, organized, a solid conflict resolver, great leader and listener.
    His projects always have a polished, finished look. 

    — Craig Forrest, TV & Film Director —
  • Joe Sindorf is a creative producer that takes his projects to heart.
    He knows how to structure and manage creative teams with ease.
    Without doubt, Joe can take on a company vision, and help implement its desired results.

    — Mona Hennein, Life Focus Productions —
  • I’ve worked with Joe on countless projects and mediocre was never an option on any of them.
    Joe is one of the good guys and if you are fortunate enough to be in the position to link arms with him…
    seize the opportunity.

    — Michael Buckingham, Holy Cow! Creative —
  • Joe’s heart, passion and zeal are attributes that can’t be tangibly measured. No where is this more evident then when he is in a foreign nation chronicling the stories of starving children and suffering people. Joe and I have worked together from the halls of Congress, to the despair of national disasters like Katrina, to the awe of Israel, to the devastation of the Haiti earthquake. When the pressure was on, Joe was one person you wanted to have on your team. 

    — Debbie Stacy, Executive Producer —
  • Of all the producers I’ve supported in now over 25 years of operations management, Joe stands at the top.
    He possesses not only the raw creative talent you expect from a producer, but he understands and delivers the technical, logistic, and
    operations preproduction requirements needed by the team he leads. I’ve seen Joe do this on the largest, most complex remote media productions.

    — John Haney, Production Management (Q Center) —
  • I partnered with Joe in launching a live, television special that ultimately ran annually for ten years.
    It required building partnerships and providing quality broadcasting for both radio and television stations across the continent and around the world.
    Joe was a joy to work with. Professional, excellent in his craft and unflappable. A great teammate.

    — Bob Bakke, Executive Producer —
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examples of some of our work around the world

Member of Leading Professional Associations

International Documentary Association
National Press Photographers Association
Joseph Sindorf
Reporters Without Borders
Professional Photographers of America

Thousands of people have entrusted us with their stories.
And we can help you tell your story in a visual, compelling way, too.

— Joseph & Kathleen Sindorf —

Field Notes

Insights from working in more than 73 countries.
I’ll help you live, work — and take better pictures — anywhere in the world.

But wait… there’s more!
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We take a skill (video production) that exudes expense and specialized talent,
and we empower people who have never shot a frame of video
to create short stories that are good enough to show anywhere.
Their sense of accomplishment and pride is indescribable!

— Joseph & Kathleen Sindorf —


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